msworbust's Journal

17 August 1975
Washington, United States
Western Washington University - Bellingham WA (2001 - 2003)
University of Washington - Seattle WA (2004 - 2007)
Pacifica Graduate Institute - Carpinteria CA (2007 present)
Interests: (80)
alanis morissette, ani difranco, anti-war, baking, beth hart, blind boys of alabama, blondie, blue october, carrie akre, cat power, chris issak, civil rights, clinical psychology, clinical social work, counting crows, cyndi lauper, dave matthews, david gray, dsmiv, everclear, everlast, failure, fastball, fiona apple, foo fighters, garbage, gay pride, george michael, green day, hole, holly near, indie, james blunt, jann arden, joan osborne, k's choice, kd lang, l7, live, lower back tattoo, marcy playground, matchbox twenty, meat loaf, mental health, moby, movies, music, neil young, nin, nina simone, nine inch nails, nirvana, pacifica graduate institute, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, psychology, psychotherapy, radiohead, rob thomas, saab, sarah mclachlan, semisonic, sia, smashing pumpkins, social work, soundgarden, stabbing westward, studying, suzanne vega, tattoo, the offspring, the shins, toad the wet sprocket, u2, university of washington, vegan, vegetarian, vienna teng, writing
the salient facts:

i work full-time, go to school almost-full-time, and have no real life.

i share my space with a dog, Sirius, and three cats: Lucifer, Spooky, and Tiddlywinks.

i am generally difficult, over-over-analytical, sometimes downright bitchy, and often jaded. and that's on a good day. if you're easily offended by frank opinion on multiple inflammatory topics, kindly take your marbles and go away.

i'm probably going to put the really intense stuff in friends-only. day-to-day stuff like work i'll keep public.

as for the rest, stay tuned......